Our story

La Cucina is a place where Italian food and good people meet every day, every time and with every weather.

We can't bring the the sunny Italy to you, but we still can bring you the joy what Italian food can offer.

Why La Cucina

We believe that every restaurant has its heart and it’s the kitchen. La Cucina means kitchen in Italian and in our restaurant & pizzeria it is open for every guest. The way food is prepared and made is important. What if you could actually see how your dish is created by our chefs? You can see it! We have an open kitchen which means all the action is there and you can enjoy it when sitting on your table.

Our menu is versatile. You have fantastic meat dishes, salads and pastas.

Do we have pizzas? Of course we do! Actually we have really special ones, which are called Neapolitan style pizzas. Come and try!

Our pizzas

Italian pizza? No, it’s Neapolitan. If you need to know why, just ask it from a Neapolitan and You will probably hear an hour long lecture what it’s all about.

Long story short- Neapolitan pizza is a result of different cultures coming together.

Historically the area was the mecca of different people coming from different places of the world. When Estonians usually ask how is weather in you country, the Neapolitans asked about the food that people eat in their homeland.

This makes the cuisine so rich and you have the chance to try it in “La Cucina”.


Pizza or pita?

The word pizza actually origins from the Arabic word “pita” which stands for “bread”. The pita is actually the base of the pizza we eat today.

Another thing you need for a perfect pizza is buffalo mozzarella. Well it sounds Italian right? The buffaloes actually brought to Italy from India by the Normans.

Tomatoes, they are surely traditionally from Italy… Wrong! Tomatoes were brought to Europe from  Central and South America. Tomatoes were even considered as poisonous, but as the starvation was a huge problem in Naples that time, people were brave enough to try it out and you can basically say that they were the first ones to eat the so called poisonous ingredient we can not live without today.

History of Margherita Pizza

There are two different stories that might both be true.

The first one says that the pizza was called Margherita to honor the Queen Margherita di Savoia after the unification of Italy. When we look at the colors of the Italian flag and compare it with Margherita we can clearly see the similarities. It is believed that the basil, tomato and mozarella inspired the Italian flag.

However there were different kind of pizzas made in Naples before the queen. It is also possible that the pizza Margherita also existed. But why is it named Margherita? If you look closely and creatively, you can see that the mozzarella slices on the pizza form a daisy flower. And what is the translation of the daisy flower to Italian? You guessed already…